How will I feel part of your team?

We plan to have an informal get together prior to each volunteering event so that you feel fully briefed and prepared, understanding your role and meeting the rest of the team, so that you don’t just turn up on the day, do a job and leave. This way you can really feel like you are part of the event and the Abbeycroft team.


How will you communicate with me?

We have quarterly newsletters that can be sent out to all of our volunteers, highlighting forthcoming events and news relevant for you as a volunteer. When you sign up to volunteer with us, you will be informed when to expect to hear from us in relation to the volunteering so that you are not left wondering what is happening. We know that sometimes volunteers register for an event a few months ahead of the event and it may not always be relevant to have lots of contact too far ahead of the date, however it is important that we manage your expectations in terms of when you will hear from us.


What skills are there for me to learn?

Depending on what you are volunteering for depends on what skills you can learn. You will learn things such as customer service, problem solving, team work, how an event is managed, dealing with the public, sports skills,  coaching, health & safety plus much more.


What sort of social events are there?

Social events are planned annually for September/October as a thanks to all the volunteers throughout the year and then smaller get togethers are planned around the volunteering events to ensure the teams are brought together prior to the events.


Who can volunteer?

We are happy to work with people of all ages, including youung people, families and businesses. You do not need to have any special skills or interests, but an approachable manner is useful when working with the public. Any specific skills required for a particular role will be stated in the role description


How do I get involved?

Send us your details using the form above or register through the Suffolk Sport and Event Volunteering Project HERE, where you can see all the opportunities and register your interest.