Businesses in Mildenhall are being offered free private group exercise sessions to encourage firms to invest in their staff’s health and wellbeing.

Abbeycroft Leisure, which runs The Dome Mildenhall in partnership with Forest Heath District Council, is offering a free exercise taster sessions. Bosses and their employees to sample the centre’s facilities, use the gym, go for a swim or attend a private exercise class arranged just for their team.

Research from the Centre for Economics and Business Research published in 2012 showed companies are paying out a record 6 billion pounds per year in sick pay for obesity and stress-related illnesses.

Paul Standrin, Duty Officer at The Dome Mildenhall, said: “Our aim is to make Mildenhall employers aware of the benefits of creating a healthier lifestyle for employees, helping improve motivation, productivity and ultimately a more profitable work force for the company.”

As a charity and social enterprise, Abbeycroft Leisure invests any profits back into providing health, fitness and wellbeing for the community.

If your company would like to take part in the free taster sessions, either during the day or evening, contact Paul Standrin on 01842 819150. To find out more about Abbeycroft Leisure visit